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Half Baked Bun!

I have sadly been really slacking on my blog posts since announcing that we were finally pregnant but I am hoping to fix that now that I have more energy. I am officially 20 weeks as of Friday, September 24th and I cannot believe how quickly it has flown by. Granted, when I was in the first trimester it felt like it was going incredibly slow and it felt like there was no end in sight to the fatigue, nausea, and insatiable hunger. All things considered though, I have heard so many stories about women having terrible morning sickness and I consider myself very lucky. I'm not the type to throw up easily so I wasn't surprised when that translated over to pregnancy as well. I think my body's natural way of relieving nausea is burping and hiccupping (which hasn't stopped by the way, even though the nausea has been long gone).

I think the biggest thing I have been surprised about this pregnancy is how chill I have been. It's almost like I used up all my stress and anxiety during the conception portion of our journey with the all the fertility treatments and constant roller coaster of emotions. After finding out I was pregnant there was that brief couple weeks of extreme anxiety wondering if it will stick this time and telling my friends and family was a nightmare for my nerves...but after that I've been cool as a cucumber. Only now at 20 weeks am I starting to get a bit anxious but only because I am itching to get things done and put away. The problem is that we still have ongoing renovations happening in multiple areas of our house so it's made things a bit more challenging.

Another thing that has been a very interesting experience is how alien my stomach feels to me right now. My stomach just doesn't feel like it's part of my body anymore, so much so that when I had my anatomy scan done (which is about an hour long ultrasound for those who may not be familiar), I was getting extremely lightheaded and nauseous with hot flashes because of the sensation of the ultrasound wand touching and pushing on my belly. I kept having to sit up for breaks and part of the ultrasound she even did while I was sitting up. Luckily the ultrasound tech gave me some papers to fan myself with which helped a bit but I hadn't felt that awful before that point. I have my appointment with my midwives this week to go over the results in more detail but the tech said everything looked good and that he was very active!

Speaking of being active, I started being able to feel him move officially around 17 weeks and it has become my new favourite thing. There are usually consistent times of day that I feel him bopping around in there and it's so entertaining to me. Peter also felt him move for the first time! This is how it went:

Megan: "What do you think about that?"

Peter: "It's kinda weird."

Classic Peter.

Anytime he gives me a big kick (or punch, who knows, it feels like he does backflips in there), it makes me feel the weirdest sensation I have ever felt. It's like a combination of a wave of love, awe, and amazement coupled with a wave of nausea/anxiety from the thought of "omg I am literally growing a human inside me that I have to keep alive." It just makes it feel so much more real and I am so excited but I think part of me convinced myself this would never be a reality for me so I am still constantly being shocked by that realization that it IS actually happening.

Another exciting development is that we chose a name! The process was way easier than anticipated. I was initially worried Peter and I would never agree on a name, but also that I wouldn't find any boy names that I liked. I'd always envisioned myself to have a girl first and have an endless number of girl names that I love, but never felt particularly attached to any boy names. It was honestly something I didn't even consider much until we found out we were having a boy. I'm excited to film a video of our name reveal because I'm me and need to make a video for everything...that should be coming out soon (hopefully).

Anyways that is where we are at so far. Things are going well. I love being pregnant and somehow have never loved my body more than I do right now.

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